lunes, 7 de marzo de 2016

Learn Spanish: the seasons. Día 181 #Retoiria365

I want you to also be able to write the words in spanish:
Spring- Primavera
Summer- Verano
Autumn- Otoño
Winter- Invierno
Flower- Flor  Flowers- Flores
Allergies- Alergias
Butterflies- Mariposas  Butterfly- Mariposa
Sun- Sol
Beach- Playa
Bathing suit- Traje de baño
Umbrella- Sombrilla
Pumpkin- Calabaza  Pumpkins- Calabazas
Yellow leafs- Hojas amarillas
Nuts- Nueces
Mushrooms- Champiñones
Snow- Nieve
Cold- Frio
Coat- Abrigo
Boots- Botas
I hope this was helpful. If you have any question, request, critique or anything you can leave a comment down here, on my channel:  Iria te ayuda, on my twitter: @Iriateayuda, on my facebook: Iria te ayuda, on my instagram: iriateayudainst or you can mail me at: If you´ve liked it and you want to read more like this follow me. Thank you for reading.

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